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"Next Generation".

LinkSign is all-in-one contract platform
provides AI based contract composing/review service
and blockchain based eContract service by Dlight Lawfirm.

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Less than 10 minutes
to compose any type of contract
less than 10 seconds
to sign the contract.

Paperless contract from draft to closure

Buying templates, writing contracts, and
consulting done all separately even with eContracting services?

Is it still complicated and difficult to manage?
With LinkSign, the
paperless contract process is completed all at once from start to closure.


Electronic contracts have equal legal effect with the paper contract.

Legal efficacy of electronic signatures and electronic documents LinkSign electronic signatures and electronic documents have legal efficacy based on 「Electronic Signature Law」.
Although their legal efficacy differs from that of contracts by notarization or certificate verification, they have equal legal efficacy to traditional paper contracts with written signatures.

Hundreds of templates and "simply follow"

Hundreds of templates written by lawyers,
and "simply follow" function where lawyers personally guide you through the legal terms and articles!
With LinkSign, writing contracts is no longer difficult.

Online contract share-editing and record managing platform

Do you still use your email and messenger that make tracking details and changes difficult during contract consultation?
With LinkSign, you can share/edit
contracts with all contract participants from start to finish.
You can check all of the editing process with the version compare function.

Zero risk of fabrication, falsification, and hacking with blockchain!

Fabrication, falsification, and hacking are fundamentally impossible by applying the LINE Blockchain technology developed by LINE.

Encrypted data transfer that prevents leaks

All of LinkSign data is transferred after being encrypted to the highest security level(2,046 signatures, 128/256bit) with Extended Validation recommended to banks, financings, and government offices.
Comake is under surety insurance that ensures reparation if encrypted SSL packet is hacked and leaked to result in detriments.

Trustable AMAZONdata storage and backup

All of LinkSign data is stored in AWS(Amazon Web Service) which acquired various certifications including ISO27001, the most authoritative certification for Information Security Management System issued by ISO, and PCI DSS Level 1. AWS is also used by global companies and organizations like SAMSUNG and NASA. There is virtually no risk of data being lost, fabricated, or falsified.

Give it a try and decide for yourself Maximum of 100 cases free of charge

For you to experience the excellence and convenience of our services, LinkSign
offers all functions for free.

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You can write contracts with our templates and complete eContracts with signature requests.


1 case(s) : 2,000 yen

Open event 0 yen


5 case(s) : 5,000 yen

Open event 0 yen


unlimited for 30 days : 10,000 yen

Open event 0 yen

  • You can compose contracts with our free/charged templates and close eContracts through signature requests.
  • One signing coupon is deducted for every signature request.

Comake is trustworthy since all contracts are written by lawyers.

It is even more trustable with the thorough inspection done by Dlight Law Group.

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